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Kids make a house happy and alive, but believe it when the professional carpet cleaners of Carpet Cleaners Charlotte, NC say your carpets will bear the brunt of their energy. And when the little tykes leave their marks all over your elegant rugs, cleaning and restoring them will take time and effort.


Undoubtedly, there are many things that you can do to make your carpets look new again, even after your children have thrown everything they can on it. More importantly, you can protect your carpets and prevent disasters from happening and ruining it.


Carpet Cleaning Services for Kid-Made Stains


No matter how careful you are, having a child, or a couple of children, in the house can wreak havoc. And your carpets are no exception to the unfortunate things your little ones can do. This is why parents need to be prepared and have some idea on how to handle the mess and stains that children cause on your beloved rugs.


Here are some cleaning tips on the most common carpet problems caused by kids.

  1. Sick messes. Sick children are a cause of concern for parents. Add to that the mess they make on your carpets, and it becomes twice the problem. After taking care of the youngsters, you would not want to clean carpets free from vomit, medicine spills, and the unpleasant smell that lingers. Thankfully, you can use something to clear all these up. Stock up on bicarbonate of soda, and cleaning these carpet woes will be no trouble at all.
  2. Sticky toys. Clay and slime are some of the most popular and favorite toys of children today. Unfortunately, they stick easily on everything, especially on your carpets. And when the kids step all over such toys, they get stuck even deeper on your rugs. The outstanding thing you can do is dry the sticky, slimy substance-using ice. When they are frozen solid, gently scrape them up with a blunt knife or similar object.
  3. Diaper rash cream. Nappy creams are thick and water-repellent. And toddlers always manage to get them on their hands. Once they wipe it on your carpets, it becomes a burden getting them out. The significant thing to do is scrape off as much as you can, then blot the spot with wet towels.
  4. Colored drinks. Getting red and blue stains all over your carpet is a no-no. However, it happens when kids drink their favorite colored juices on the rug. When the vibrant liquid spills, promptly blot the stain with paper towels and use a stain remover to get rid of the unwanted color on your carpet.

With these carpet cleaning tips, coupled with your fast reflexes, there won’t be any time for the stain to settle. You can effectively clean up the mess and keep your carpets in the best condition. But stay vigilant. Children will be at it again!


And when kids do their worst, don’t stress yourself. Get professional help from the carpet cleaners who can do the job best. Carpet Cleaners Charlotte, NC, has established their reputation when it comes to cleaning carpets safely and effectively. Learn what they can do for the carpet messes that your children make.